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Indigo Bed Philipp Selva
Indigo Bed Philipp Selva
Indigo Bed Philipp Selva
Indigo Bed Philipp Selva
Indigo Bed Philipp Selva

Indigo Bed Philipp Selva

Philipp Selva Indigo bed with feet and stem in solid American walnut, linden sides veneered in American walnut. Linear and elegant, it is characterized by the presence in the head of 2 generous and precious cushions resting on leather straps with brass frogs. Made with high quality materials, it was conceived and designed by the well-known designer Leonardo Dainelli. Network, mattress and textile coordinate not included. Available in 2 different wood finishes. Sizes: W 194 x D 227 x H 95 cm  for net and mattress W 180 x D 200. 100% Made in Italy product.

Customizable Upholstery
  • Ecoleather vermont dark Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Eco leather vermont smoke Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Eco leather vermont chocolate Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Eco leather vermont moka Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Eco leather vermont tan Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Eco leather vermont sand Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Eco leather vermont brown Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Eco leather vermont pearl Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Eco leather vermont crystal Cat. 2 (A4)
  • Las vegas S3A12 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Las vegas S3A13 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Las vegas S3A14 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Las vegas S3A15 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Las vegas S3A16 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Las vegas S3A17 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Las vegas S3A18 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Las vegas S3A19 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Las vegas S3A20 fabric Cat. 3 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A07 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A08 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A09 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A10 Fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A11 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A12 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A13 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A14 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A15 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A16 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Tortuga S4A17 fabric Cat. 4 (A1)
  • Barrafranca S5A13 fabric Cat. 5 (A2)
  • Barrafranca S5A14 fabric Cat. 5 (A2)
  • Barrafranca S5A15 fabric Cat. 5 (A2)
  • Blue S5A01 Cat. 5 (A14) Fabric
  • Sienna S5A04 Cat. 5 (A14) Fabric
  • Tan S5A06 Cat. 5 (A14) Fabric
  • Casalbore S6A03 fabric Cat. 6 (A9)
  • Casalbore S6A04 fabric (A9)
  • Casalbore S6A05 fabric (A9)
  • Casalbore S6A06 fabric (A9)
  • S7A00 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7A01 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7A02 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7A03 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7A04 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7A05 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7A06 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7A07 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7A08 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7710 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7712 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7714 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7722 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7726 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7730 leather linea Cat. 7 (A3)
  • Leather linea S7736 Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7822 leather sequoia Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7824 leather sequoia Cat. 7 (A3)
  • S7829 leather sequoia Cat. 7 (A3)
  • Chester brown S8A01 leather Cat. 8 (A3)
  • Chester tabacco S8A02 leather Cat. 8 (A3)
  • Chester vulcano S8A03 leather Cat. 8 (A3)
  • Chester street S8A04 leather Cat. 8 (A3)
  • Nabuk moka S9A05 Cat. 9 (A3)
  • Nabuk pearl S9A06 Cat. 9 (A3)
  • Nabuk mud S9A07 Cat. 9 (A3)
  • Nabuk smoke S9A08 Cat. 9 (A3)
  • Nabuk mud S9A09 Cat. 9 (A3)
  • Nabuk gray S9A010 Cat. 9 (A3)
  • S9A11 dune nubuck Cat. 9 (A3)
  • Dove S9A12 Nubuck Cat. 9 (A3)
  • Nabuk green S9A13 Cat. 9 (A3)
Customizable finishes wood
  • Finishing walnut-nh light opaque walnut
  • Finishing havana-nd sepia black stained dull walnut
Art. 2018
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Philipp Selva is the protagonist of the most exclusive environments of Italian luxury. Since 1968 Philipp Selva wears both private and contract environments not only on a national level but with an extremely international breath, presenting its products in over 50 countries. The new product line has been designed by designers Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli. Philipp Selva is synonymous with elegance where taste and innovation do not follow the trend but are its creators

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95 cm
194 cm
227 cm

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