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Barj Buzzoni boasts a large collection of "Classic Collection" oil works made exclusively by hand by Italian painters, and a "Modern Collection" with contemporary paintings and eclectic style. The works signed by Barj Buzzoni are the result of an elegant and refined taste. The beauty of the paintings is enhanced by wooden frames with carvings made by master cabinetmakers. The gilding done with gouache leaf, similar in quality to the pure gold, are completely executed by hand. Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The certification is issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, warranty for customers and protection against attempts at imitation. Vinciguerra Shop is Barj Buzzoni partners

Barj Buzzoni Still Life Painting Barj Buzzoni Still Life Painting 2
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Barj Buzzoni

Barj Buzzoni Still Life Painting

Still life painting by S. Cantadori Barj Buzzoni collection oil on canvas. Still life is a genre of painting that was mainly established in the seventeenth century. The subjects depicted are generally flowers, fruit, dead animals, bottles and even musical instruments. The painting depicts a basket and a plate full of fruit and in the background a red...