• Alma Design

    Alma Design

    Alma design is a family business of Alessandra Marchina, flanked by her daughters Francesca and Lorenza. The company's mission is to promote Made in Italy by creating simple, functional and versatile objects, suitable for any environment and style. Alma Design has been able to carve out an appreciable space in the international contract market. The production, mainly concentrated on seats and tables, stands out for its fresh and innovative design and for the craftsmanship of the products. The designer team is careful in the choice of colors and materials, in particular the color, sometimes in delicate pastel tones, represents a distinctive character of the product. Vinciguerra Shop is the official partner of Alma Design

  • Ameli Interiors
  • Amura


    Amura lab is a company born in the heart of Altamura, a Made in Italy furniture brand that carries within itself the fragile and authentic beauty of the southern land. Specialized in the creation and production of sofas, accessories, bookcases and beds that stand out for quality and comfort. A company that strongly believes in cooperation and the natural expression of each person's talents, thus giving the best of itself, every day, in every creation. Vinciguerra Shop is Amura's official partner.

  • Andrea  Fanfani

    Andrea Fanfani

    Andrea Fanfani is one of the most successful and well-known Italian brands of classic furniture. Fanfani brings the great Florentine tradition of high class all around the world for lovers of beauty and art furniture. Refined wood processing, artistic finishes and artisan techniques are the distinctive traits of the Tuscan brand. Fanfani furnishings are distinguished by the strictly hand-made finishes, and by the Florentine style decorations of the fourteenth century and Venetian style of the eighteenth century. Traditional tools and materials such as gypsum, paints, water and shellac are used to make decorations. Vinciguerra Shop is Fanfani Andrea official partners.

  • Antartidee


    Antartidee is an Italian brand specialized in craftsmanship from which every object and complement is revisited becoming an original and extravagant work of art with a touch of surrealism. Thanks to the processing and attention to detail of expert craftsmen, today the company is present on international markets. Born in Reggio Emilia in 1986 from an idea of the artists Roberto Ferrioli and Mauro Montermini, Antartidee is associated with the C.A.A.T. - Consortium of Traditional Artistic Handicrafts of Emilia Romagna. Vinciguerra Shop is Antartidee official partners

  • Arredamenti Bertoncello
  • Arrex


    Arrex is an Italian company founded in 1973, from the outset among the leaders of the Italian kitchen production scene. The story of Arrex tells the life of a brand present in the furniture industry for over 40 years, whose creations live in the heart of millions of homes and families in Italy and in the world. Arrex was born in a period of economic change that changes styles of living, in which the furniture is a source of comfort, well-being and satisfaction. From the rustic and artisanal kitchen to the modular and modern kitchen the transition is short, and Arrex is one of the main actors of this change. In 50,000 mq dreams, objectives and success are enclosed, where Arrex with the systematic insertion of innovation strategies in all company processes allows us to propose, on an industrial scale, increasingly customized solutions.

  • Arti & Mestieri

    Arti & Mestieri

    Arti & Mestieri is an Italian brand of design objects for the modern home: wall clocks, mirrors, floor and wall hangers, photo holders, consoles, accessories for the living room, and for the table and kitchen.

  • Artisan


    The Artisan company specializes in the production of high quality furniture made of solid wood. Thanks to the love for wood and the use of excellent raw materials, each Artisan creation is 1 true work of art. The company also makes use of the fruitful collaboration of world-class designers to create increasingly innovative solutions. Each Artisan product is 1 unique piece. The company has the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate and the FSC COC certificate which guarantees the traceability of materials from certified forests.

  • Artitalia


    Altitalia is a family company owned by Pancheri, now in its second generation. The company's mission is to promote Made in Italy by creating simple, functional and versatile objects suitable for all environments and styles. Altitalia has earned a prominent place in the international contract market. The main focus of the production is completely handmade paintings, prints and posters. Vinciguerra Shop is Altitalia's official partner.

  • Atipico


    Atipico is an Italian company specializing in the creation of furnishing accessories and objects of various kinds with attention to the smallest details. Strictly Made in Italy, Atipico products are born to embellish everyday life and are characterized by a design that is always original and dynamic, outside the box. The collaboration with young designers is very intense, from which new and stimulating ideas are always born.

  • Bamax


    The Bamax company has always stood out for the quality of its products. Furniture is made in solid wood to guarantee maximum stability and durability over time. Within the production, in addition to high-tech machinery, there are expert artisans who contribute to give a distinctive character and a load of humanity to each product. The company also makes use of the collaboration of high-level designers and engineers. Bamax is attentive to environmental protection by using only non-toxic water-based paints and FSC-certified solid wood (Forest Management Certification). Vinciguerra Shop is Bamax officiel partners

  • Barj Buzzoni

    Barj Buzzoni

    Barj Buzzoni boasts a large collection of "Classic Collection" oil works made exclusively by hand by Italian painters, and a "Modern Collection" with contemporary paintings and eclectic style. The works signed by Barj Buzzoni are the result of an elegant and refined taste. The beauty of the paintings is enhanced by wooden frames with carvings made by master cabinetmakers. The gilding done with gouache leaf, similar in quality to the pure gold, are completely executed by hand. Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The certification is issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, warranty for customers and protection against attempts at imitation. Vinciguerra Shop is Barj Buzzoni partners

  • Barnini Oseo

    Barnini Oseo

    The Barnini Oseo company was born in Tuscany after World War II, in the wake of the economic boom that creates wellness and beauty within the reach of an ever-increasing number of people. Over time, the artisan carpentry of the early years is transformed into a large company, which soon stands out, in the furniture industry, for the quality of the products. Today the company is a tangible example of the evolution and export of Tuscan furniture in the world. Vinciguerra Shop is Barnini Oseo partners

  • Batignani Ceramiche

    Batignani Ceramiche

    The italian company Ceramiche Batignani was born in Tuscany in 1907 from the artistic and creative abilities of Gastone Batignani, the founder. He initiated the creation of ceramic models and artistic objects using a totally manual process. His precious secrets and experience have been inherited by his sons, and today the company produces a wide range of classic and contemporary furnishings of great quality with exclusive shapes and decorations. Batignani produces flower vases, potiches, pot holders, trays, lamp bases, etc ..., all made strictly by a lathe with the use of triple oven cooking and the use of fine gold sequins.Tuitti objects are also accompanied by the stamp, from the signature, from the limited series numbering from 1 to 100, and from the relative warranty certificateVinciguerra Shop is batignani partners

  • Bitossi Ceramiche

    Bitossi Ceramiche

    The Bitossi company was founded in the second half of the nineteenth century in Montelupo Fiorentino in Tuscany. Today the company called Bitossi Ceramiche represents the historical excellence in artistic ceramics and design. A fundamental contribution to the stylistic evolution of the company was given by the master ceramist and sculptor Aldo Londi who started working in the company in 1935. In 1946 he was appointed artistic director of the manufactory, and his creations, exported in all the world, still represent the excellence of Made in Italy. Vinciguerra Shop is Bitossi Ceramiche partners

  • Bitossi Home

    Bitossi Home

    Bitossi Home, a brand born in 2007 within the Colorobbia Group, which also includes the historic Bitossi brand Ceramics, is a tribute to the beauty of the table. Ceramics and glass are modeled to create plates, glasses and more that become objects of contemporary design.

  • Cantiero


    Cantiero is a Venetian company that produces high quality furniture. Each piece of furniture "Cantiero" is the result of the mastery of skilled woodworkers and inlayers who have contributed over the years to revive the classic furniture with new shapes and colors. All the furniture is made of the finest wood and is enriched with refined finishes made according to traditional techniques. The products used are all in accordance with the EEC. The originality and authenticity of the furniture manufactured by Cantiero are authenticated by the brand in focus and are all patented. Vinciguerra Shop is Cantiero partners

  • Casprini


    Casprini is a Tuscan company that for over 50 years has been an international point of reference in the furniture sector. Casprini globally produces all its products, including individual components; thanks to this approach all products are guaranteed by the 100% Made in Italy name. His production is concentrated in furnishing accessories such as tables, chairs, stools, etc. with a particular attention to quality. The company makes use of the collaboration of well-known designers that allow it to obtain unique and original products. Vinciguerra Shop is Casprini partners.

  • Castiflex


    The Castiflex company uses high quality materials in the realization of its products. The company has a management system for its manufacturing processes in compliance with the reference standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2208. This system guarantees the quality of production by protecting all customers in an absolute way. All mattresses are covered by a guarantee of 7 years for defects or anomalies deriving from the production process. Particular importance is given to special needs for well-defined pathologies, which have led the company to create different models obtaining certification as a medical device for tax deduction. Castiflex makes constant use of collaboration with designers and experts in the development sector to outline new ergonomic shapes and new materials. Vinciguerra Shop is Castiflex partners.

  • Cava Divani

    Cava Divani

    The Cava brand is specialized in the creation of armchairs and sofas for prestigious furnishings, for a refined taste and particularly attentive to detail. Cava furnishing complements are a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, where craftsmanship is intertwined with the most advanced design techniques. Vinciguerra Shop is Cava partners.

  • Ceramiche Bucci

    Ceramiche Bucci

    Ceramiche Bucci is an Italian artisan company founded by Franco Bucci in 1961. The material used to make the products is stoneware, a ceramic of the highest quality and resistance. The production includes objects for everyday use and for home furnishings. The enamels used are non-toxic. Vinciguerra Shop is Casprini's official partner. 

  • Ceramiche dal Prà

    Ceramiche dal Prà

    Ceramiche dal Prà has a long history dating back to the 1800s, thanks to the master craftsmen Domenico Agostinelli and Giuseppe Dal Prà. Today the company continues to carry on the tradition of artistic ceramic furnishing accessories, a perfect mix between contemporary design and classic taste. Vinciguerra Shop is Ceramiche dal Prà partners.

  • Ciani Atelier

    Ciani Atelier

    Ciani Atelier is a Florentine company founded in 1939 specializing in the production of furniture and lighting for interiors and exteriors of the highest quality. The materials used are all noble materials such as iron, brass, glass and crystals worked expertly by master craftsmen to guarantee the end customer a unique and exclusive product. Classicism and innovation are the main elements for the creation of unique and original objects and furnishing accessories. Ciani Atelier is simply Made in Italy quality craftsmanship. Vinciguerra Shop is Ciani Atelier partners.

  • Cucine Vis
  • Dale Italia

    Dale Italia

    Dale Italia is a Cantiero brand that produces design products with attention to the smallest details. The craftsmanship and the choice of high quality materials make Dale's furnishing accessories unique and suitable for furnishing with simple and at the same time refined lines. 100% Made in Italy products. Vinciguerra Shop is Dale Italia partners.

  • Daum


    Daum is a prestigious French glassware founded in Nancy in 1878 by Jean Daum. The artistic objects signed by Daum are made according to the ancient Egyptian technique of glass fusion, called glass paste. The company has collaborated in the past and continues to collaborate with the most important artistic names in the world. Daum has been writing his story for more than a century. Vinciguerra Shop is Daum partners.

  • Daytona


    Daytona is an important collection of italian brand Signorini & Coco inspired by luxury Decò 30’s design for a refined and elegant style. Registered model by the italian designer Leonardo Dainelli. Vinciguerra Shop is Daytona partners.

  • de Sede

    de Sede

    de Sede has its origins in a small Swiss saddler's workshop, which soon became a leading company in the creation of handcrafted leather furniture with the collaboration of important designers. The sofas, armchairs, chairs and beds of de Sede are a guarantee of quality and comfort. Vinciguerra Shop is the official partner of de Sede.

  • Design Atelier

    Design Atelier

    Design Atelier is born from the encounter between architects, designers, artists and artisans. Thanks to the craftsmanship and creativity of Made in Italy, the products designed by Design Atelier are unique and exclusive, to give your home a touch of originality. Vinciguerra Shop is Design Atelier partners.

  • DesignTwist


    A leader company in the production of design furnishing accessories, DesignTwist uses carefully selected materials to always offer products of great functionality and quality.Among the vast production we mention fixed and extendable wooden or glass tables, tables, chairs, stools, beds etc ... Vinciguerra Shop is DesignTwist official partners.

  • designVIVI


    designVIVI realises design furnishing solutions for private homes and contract, focusing at the same time on aesthetic innovation and functionality. designVIVI's furnishing accessories are made by master craftsmen of Brianza, with a 100% Made in Italy production finished and treated in every single detail.Vinciguerra Shop is designVIVI official partners. 

  • Diamantini & Domeniconi

    Diamantini & Domeniconi

    Diamantini & Domeniconi was founded in 1968 in Fossombrone (PU). Specialized in only Made in Italy production of furnishing accessories. Particular attention is dedicated to the creation of wall clocks, table clocks and cuckoo clocks. Thanks to the collaboration of high-level architects and designers and the precious contribution of expert craftsmen, today Diamantini & Domeniconi is a Brand of reference in the Italian design scene.

  • Doimo Design
  • Ego Zeroventiquattro
  • Elleffe Design

    Elleffe Design

    Elleffe Design is a young and dynamic Italian company that stands out for its elegant and original design of its products. All items are made of 18/10 stainless steel, carefully crafted in a traditional way. Vinciguerra Shop is Elleffe Design official partners.

  • Epoque


    Epoque by Egon Furstenberg, Epoque's flagship collection, is known for its glamorous lines and elegant and enchanting furnishings. The collection was created at the behest of Prince Egon von Furtstenberg whose philosophy was based on a modern reinterpretation of classic furniture pieces. This vision is still reflected in the Epoque furniture, made unique by the beauty of the fabrics, precious trimmings and refined borders of the cushions made by the best Italian weavers. The hides used are carefully selected and ecological, in full respect of the environment. Today Epoque is present on the international markets bringing everywhere the values and the quality of 100% made in Italy products. Vinciguerra Shop is Epoque Egon Furstenberg official partners.

  • Faneurope


    Faneurope today represents one of the most important realities on the lighting market, both in Italy and in Europe. Thanks to the constant commitment in the search for materials and in the creation of a refined style, Faneurope always finds solutions in harmony with the needs of the market. Vinciguerra Shop is an official partner of Faneurope.

  • Febo Irilux

    Febo Irilux

    Febo Irilux, a company with more than 50 years of experience in the lighting sector. Febo Irilux products are exclusively made in Italy and finished in detail. Febo lighting enriches and enhances environments, always attentive to new technologies to illuminate. Vinciguerra Shop is Febo Irilux official partners.

  • Fill


    Fill objects are those of everyday life but made with passion and originality designed for the kitchen and for the home. Fill is where you live, because the home is a fundamental part of everyone's life. Fill is a brand from La Piacentina.

  • Florence Art

    Florence Art

    The Florence Art brand is synonymous with excellence and quality made in Italy for craftsmanship and the use of high quality materials. The production is made of carved wood and then decorated by hand in the artisan shops of Florence. The Florentine carving stands out for its harmonious and refined lines. Another distinctive element of Florence Art furniture is the so-called "gouache" decoration born in Florence during the Renaissance, and realized on Gold leaf, Silver Vero leaf. The silver and gold finishes create an atmosphere of times past revived in a modern way.

  • Garda Furniture

    Garda Furniture

    Garda Furniture is a young brand of outdoor design furniture born in 2018 in Valjevo, Serbia, in collaboration with the company Animo. The product range includes chairs, tables, sofas and outdoor accessories, with European certification of guarantee of safety and environmental solidity. The main designers and art directors of Garda Furniture are Anica Andric and Milan Karisik (AM Studio), authors of a playful, innovative and comfortable furniture collection to live life in the open air with joy and freedom.

  • Giacopini Design

    Giacopini Design

    Giacopini Design is a family business of Michele Giacopini, flanked by the sisters Sara and Marta. The company's mission is to promote Made in Italy by creating simple and functional furnishings and accessories. Giacopini Design has been able to carve out an appreciable space in the international contract market by promoting accessories made of metal, creating a combination of design, aesthetics and design technique. Vinciguerra Shop is the official partner of Giacopini Design.

  • Gwinner


    Gwinner is a German company specializing in the production of high quality solid wood furniture from the Black Forest. Sustainable workmanship and unique design characterize its products entirely designed and manufactured in Germany.

  • Ichendorf


    Ichendorf Milan produces glass design objects for the tables and the house. Born in the early twentieth century in Cologne, in 1990 she moved to Milan, combining the tradition of the master glassmakers with contemporary trends.

  • Il Giardino di  Legno

    Il Giardino di Legno

    Il Giardino di Legno is a company specialized in the production of quality outdoor furniture. Each phase of production is subjected to an accurate quality control to always obtain an optimal result. The production includes chairs and beds, tables, tables, gazebos, umbrellas, etc. The wooden garden avails itself of the collaboration of skilled labor able to perform even the most complex workings.  Vinciguerra Shop is Giardino di Legno official partners.

  • Innermost


    Innermost is a design lighting company with a modern and dynamic profile, a leader in international markets. The  products are designed by designers from all over the world and carefully manufactured, following the entire production process. Innermost lighting celebrates the social side of life and is a protagonist in all private or public places where people gather. Vinciguerra Shop is Innermost official partners.

  • Itamoby


    Itamoby is a specialized furniture company since 1980 in the realization of extendable consoles, tables, tables and beds. Innovation, safety and quality are the core values of the brand. Itamoby products, studied in detail by internationally renowned designers, are 100% Made in Italy and follow the latest market trends. Today the company is a reference point for the web market, with a constantly updated catalog and selection of products.

  • Jesse
  • Kubedesign


    Kubedesign was born from the idea of Nazzareno Mengoni to furnish the home using cardboard, traditionally considered a poor material. An innovative idea, original and at the same time ecological. The cardboard thus becomes a valuable material, easily workable and versatile. Thus authentic design objects with an unmistakable style are born.

  • L'Abitare


    Abitare is a brand born in Milan and specialized in the creation of poetic and elegant objects for the home. Living means living everyday objects, transforming them into the mirror of one's soul and one's style of living.

  • La  Seggiola

    La Seggiola

    The company La Seggiola offers a wide range of customizable products. The materials used are always of high quality. The company has 16,000 Mq of warehouses with materials ready for delivery. Vinciguerra Shop is La Seggiola official partners.

  • La Chance

    La Chance

    La Chance is a French company that produces furniture and furnishing accessories with a unique and exclusive design. Based in Paris, it relies on the collaboration of the best designers, offering a contemporary interpretation of the tradition of French furniture rooted in the Art Deco period. The materials used are of excellent quality and environmentally sustainable for maximum respect for nature.

  • La Primavera

    La Primavera

    Made in Italy design and quality are the strengths of La Primavera, a company founded in the 1960s and initially specialized in the production of entrance furniture. Today the La Primavera brand realizes a rich variety of furnishing products, combining contemporary proposals with those in classic style with the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.  Vinciguerra Shop is La Primavera official partners.

  • Le Porcellane

    Le Porcellane

    Le Porcellane is a Tuscan company, specialized in the production of various objects made of fine porcelain. The vast production includes: vases, chandeliers, kitchen accessories, umbrella stands, etc. Each Le Porcellane creation is embellished with 24-karat gold or platinum decorations.

  • Limac Design

    Limac Design

    Limac Design produces unique and high quality furnishing accessories in leather and design. Limac Design creations embody the unmistakable elegance of Made in Italy. Vinciguerra Shop is the official partner of Limac Design.

  • Luigi Volpi

    Luigi Volpi

    Luigi Volpi is the new Volpi collection with a contemporary and cosmopolitan design. The Made in Italy artisan excellence characterizes every piece of furniture signed by Luigi Volpi.

  • Madrassi


    Madrassi is an Italian company specialized in the production of high quality furniture. The vast collection includes tables, chairs, armchairs and stools with a unique and exclusive design. Thanks to the use of a large amount of structural and covering materials, it is possible to obtain the most elegant and original combinations and customizations. Madrassi creations will certainly embellish your home.

  • Medulum


    Medulum is a Venetian company that produces handcrafted furnishings and accessories such as bookcases, coffee tables, consoles, etc. Thanks to the collaboration with well-known international designers, all Medulum creations are original and exclusive. The company uses high quality materials with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, in full respect of nature. Vinciguerra Shop is the official partner of the Medulum brand.

  • Midj


    Since 1987 the Italian company Midj designs and realizes high quality tables and chairs. Taking advantage of the collaboration of the best Italian and foreign designers, Midj builds products of high design, beautiful and made to last over time. For Midj, Italy is not only a place of production but also a way of thinking and living. Over the years the company has obtained important certifications on production quality and compliance with safety regulations. His creativity and personality are exported all over the world with the realization and development of furniture projects for important hotels, restaurants, stadiums, conference rooms, etc. ... "Midj"  the best of Made in Italy.  Vinciguerra Shop is Midj official partners.

  • Morelato


    Morelato is an Italian company founded in the second half of the last century in Verona, when Aldo Morelato founded "La Casa Rossa", an artisan workshop with expert professionals in wood processing. In a short time Morelato becomes an important reality in the production of furniture in style, thanks to the use of high quality materials and a design work that has allowed the creation of unique furniture of great prestige. The company uses only top quality solid wood, free from aesthetic and structural imperfections. To avoid the natural movements to which this precious material is subject, the interior is made of blockboard. The assembly of the furniture is still realized in a traditional way, to follow the Italian cabinetmaking tradition and ensure quality and long life. All Morelato furniture is certified by a fire brand, guaranteed to have been tested in compliance with a rigorous company quality system

  • New Garden

    New Garden

    New Garden is a Spanish company specialized in the production of furnishing accessories for the outdoor: vases, lighting, coffee tables, sofas, sun loungers.

  • Nomon


    Nomon is a leader company in the creation of handcrafted design wall clocks based in Barcelona. Creativity, design and technology are the three essential cornerstones for the realization of these wonderful clocks. Thanks to these three principles Nomon clocks are not mere complements, but are the protagonists of furnishing environments. The designer of Nomon is José Maria Reina, his projects are innovative both in form and in the choice of materials. Vinciguerra Shop is Nomon an official partner.

  • Novaluna


    Novaluna is a young and dynamic Italian company that specializes in the production of beds, with craftsmanship techniques and with full respect for the environment. In 2017, for the second consecutive year, Novaluna is official supplier of the Big Brother Vip beds. In addition to the Alba model for the famous program, the Roy GT GF was also designed. Products 100% Made in Italy. Vinciguerra Shop is Novaluna official partners.

  • Nuove Forme Firenze

    Nuove Forme Firenze

    Nuove Forme Firenze is a company that produces ceramics in collaboration with local artisans, and painted with techniques that give uniqueness to the products. The company's origins date back to the early twentieth century with Alvino Bagni, who made 3500 saucers with the slogan "I like Ike" as the first product for the presidential campaign of the future president of the United States Eisenhower. In 1993 the heirs took over the company, in collaboration with Italian artists, moving between tradition and innovation.

  • Pallucco


    Pallucco is a lighting design and furnishing accessories company born in 1982. Thanks to the collaboration with the best international designers, Pallucco proposes exclusive creations giving life to contemporary, historical and timeless objects. With Pallucco the house takes on personality and an unmistakable style. Vinciguerra Shop is Pallucco official partners.

  • Passione Italiana

    Passione Italiana

    Passione Italiana is a brand specialized in the production of contemporary and classic furniture in the wake of Italian tradition, with craftsmanship techniques. Attention to detail, quality of materials and finishes made by hand are a guarantee of a unique and personalized product. The Passione Italiana collections are versatile and innovative to make your home unique.  Vinciguerra Shop is Passino Italiana official partners.

  • Pirondini Italia

    Pirondini Italia

    Pirondini Italia is a brand specialized in the production of original wall and cuckoo clocks, with the collaboration of well-known artists and designers: Andrea Banzi, Riccardo Dalisi, Emanuele Luzzati, Emilio Tadini etc. Born in the '70s by the inventiveness of the brothers Ambrogio and Giovanni, the Pirondini Italia brand is present on the national and international market. Vinciguerra Shop is Pirondini Italia official partners.

  • Progetti


    Progetti is a company based in Carate Brianza (MB) which has been manufacturing high quality furnishing accessories for over 30 years, with a very refined design and meticulous attention to detail. Among the products of the production we find: wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, coat racks, small tables etc ... Progetti avails itself of the collaboration of famous international architects and designers including: Gaetano Pesce, Gian Franco Frattini, Joe Colombo, Giulio Iacchetti, Matteo Ragni, Maurizio Duranti. The company has also collaborated with the internationally renowned designer Karim Rashid. All products are strictly Made in Italy. Vinciguerra Shop is Progetti official partners.

  • Quasar


    Quasar is a lighting company based in the Netherlands. Over the years the collection has been expanded with world-famous designer models such as "Ravage", Edward van Vliet and the Belgian artist Jan Pawels. The constant growth of the collections has made Quasar one of the most creative lighting companies. Vinciguerra Shop is Quasar official partners.

  • Ronda Design

    Ronda Design

    Ronda Design was born in 2009 under the guidance of Marina Ronda, becoming a brand in the field of furniture. It creates furnishing elements using avant-garde materials and supplies that are organized inside a house characterized by open-space environments and refined architectural solutions. They have created a new way of furnishing by producing products in Steel and Magnet including: Complements, bookcases, cabinets, tables and chairs, lamps, kitchen backs.

  • Siemens
  • Signorini & Coco

    Signorini & Coco

    Signorini & Coco is a Tuscan brand known for its classic and contemporary furnishings with handcrafted finishes, inspired by the ancient tradition of cabinet making. All Signorini & Coco furniture are customized with the brand in focus and are accompanied by the relative certificate of authenticity and the product sheet. The latter are further guarantees, as the materials used in the processing are specified. The production philosophy of signorini & Coco is based on the search for stylistic perfection with the use of the best raw materials. Vinciguerra Shop is Signorini&Coco official partners.

  • Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

    Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

    Sitap Carpet Couture Italia is a family company founded in 1955 by Mario Bosoni, a skilled entrepreneur from Piacenza, who entered the furniture market, specializing immediately in the production of fitted carpets in natural fiber. In 2011, Gian Mario Bosoni follows in his father's footsteps, under his direction the company renews its image and vocation, becoming an Italian excellence in the carpet world. The Sitap collections are inspired by the creations of haute couture: a rug is like a tailored suit, for this sitap realizes custom rugs, guiding each customer to the choice of the most suitable mareriale to their style and their need

  • Spazio Relax

    Spazio Relax

    Spazio Relax is a leader in the production of relaxation armchairs, massage chairs and lift-up armchairs. The company's goal is to create customized products of quality that add comfort and well-being to everyday life. The company boasts technological skills, craftsmanship and sense for design and modern forms. The armchairs are equipped with mechanisms with one or two motors, movements of foot and back alternately autonomous or independent, lift device raising function that allows you to easily assume the upright position. Vinciguerra Shop is Spazio Relax official partners.

  • Stones


    A leader company in the production of design furnishing accessories, Stones uses carefully selected materials to always offer products of great functionality and quality.
    Among the vast production we mention fixed and extendable wooden or glass tables, tables, chairs, stools, beds etc ... Vinciguerra Shop is Stones official partners.

  • Tonelli Design

    Tonelli Design

    Tonelli Design is an Italian company specialized in the production of glass furnishings and accessories, with a high quality standard and an original design. Tonelli Design uses the best designers in the world to produce its products. The company is constantly evolving, and today in addition to producing furnishing accessories, it offers excellent solutions for furnishing any environment. Vinciguerra Shop is an official partner of Tonelli Design. 

  • Unico Italia

    Unico Italia

    Unico Italia is a young and dynamic company that interprets the home free from contrasts and patterns. The modern style characterizes the Unico Italia furniture.

  • Valderamobili


    Valderamobili offers the best of Made in Italy furniture by combining accurate craftsmanship with a selection of precious materials. Born in Perignano in the province of Pisa in 1976, Valderamobili offers classic and contemporary furniture products that have been present for years on the Italian and international market. The continuous pursuit of production excellence is at the base of the Tuscan brand identity that aims to satisfy the needs and tastes of customers.  Vinciguerra Shop is Valderamobili official partners.

  • Veblén


    Veblén is the luxury brand of Fiam Italia, every single creation is synonymous with exclusivity and absolute customization. Each product is treated in detail and guaranteed by the Made in Italy brand to become a "unique piece". The company uses well-known international designers to furnish your home with elegance and sophistication. Veblén is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified; this conformity allows the company to reach very high quality standards.

  • Vinciguerra Shop Collection

    Vinciguerra Shop Collection

    The Vinciguerra Shop Collection brand contains a vast collection of high quality products, made by the best craftsmen. Quality and design characterize the Vinciguerra Shop line designed to furnish your home in a unique and inimitable way.

  • Vismara Design

    Vismara Design

    Vismara Design is an established company in the international scene, specialized in luxury furniture for the living area, for luxury games rooms and private cinema rooms designed and designed for home entertainment. The brand has been able to combine an innovative and modern spirit with the most authentic Italian tradition with carvings, fine details and processing in gold and silver leaf. All Vismara products are designed by the best interior designers in the world. Vinciguerra Shop is Vismara Design official partners.

  • Volpi


    The Tuscan company Volpi combines in its products craftsmanship and new technologies, using quality materials. Volpi furniture is characterized by carving, a form of artistic work with ancient origins. The company has in the heart the protection of the environment and therefore recently has installed a photovoltaic system to minimize the emission of CO2. The wood used in the production comes from certified forests and the paints are free of heavy metals.

  • Zafferano


    Zafferano has thirty years of experience in the production of glass lighting products, real artistic creations by Federico De Majo. Vinciguerra Shop is an official partner of Zafferano.